Sunday, February 28, 2010


oleh Yusrika Bahar

Buat Tikus-Tikus Makmal

jam·ba·lay·a(j m b -l ) n. A Creole dish consisting of rice that has been cooked with shrimp, oysters, ham, or chicken and seasoned with spices and herbs.

Nope, it doesn’t have anything to do with cooking, or food for that matter, but the Electric Minds Project is back with an all new and original mix-up of tantalising short stories where nothing is quite what it seems! Join a group of dysfunctional siblings as they mourn one of their own in their uniquely different approach to family life or discover the two fools who live out in a junkyard. Find out who’s the daddy and hear the final words of a dying man, then take a look at what really happens after. Take a trip of contemplation through a hopeful past. See the terrors that unwary come up against in interviews and whether an apology can really fix anything at all. Unexpected, fiery and just downright odd are some of the ways to describe these stories about family, compassion and how crazy life can get. This is Jambalaya!

The Electric Minds Project presents its 4th production and the 2nd instalment of its Open Director Showcase series, a showcase of 8 short plays about life, love, apologies and friendship.

Listings information

Venue: The Annexe Gallery @ Central Market

Dates: Thursday 11th – Sunday 14th March 2010

Time: Evening shows 11 – 13th March @ 8.30pm
Matinee shows 13 – 14th March @ 3pm

Admission by donation of RM20

Skrip ROJAK & CENDOL akan dipentaskan!!!!!!

p/s : Abang dah booking 15 tiket ( RM10.00 sahaja )
Kita akan pergi pada pukul 12.30tengahari, hari Sabtu 13 Mac 2010.
Naik bas rapid str8 ke Pasar Seni, RM8.00 pergi balik.

Bob & Fahmi sila ambil perhatian.

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